Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Madeira Global provide?

ESG analytics, reporting and advisory. Each engagement is designed to be a simple bolt-on feature of our clients existing operations and is centered around a need to quantify the qualitative performance of assets within a portfolio, or of a particular initiative or program.

After an intensive research and data gathering process, Madeira Global is able to meet clients’ needs for more comprehensive asset transparency, by compiling quarterly, semiannual or annual ESG reports, which are used standalone or to support an overall ESG advisory relationship.

Who does Madeira Global work with?

While our firm was initially established to meet the needs of private debt and private equity fund managers, our growth has resulted from expanding the application of our proprietary ESG assessment framework to new asset classes. This has enabled us to work with clients managing portfolios in municipal bonds, insurance products, real estate, public equities, as well to support several large global family offices, NGOs and Fortune 100 companies in their quest for ESG data and transparency.

Does Madeira Global primarily work with clients who have an ESG or social impact-oriented approach to investing?

No, not exclusively. Since inception, the majority of our clients have been non-ESG oriented managers, who nevertheless acknowledge the fast-paced global demand for increased transparency. This demand is driven by institutional and retail investors, exponential growth in values-based investing as a risk-mitigation tool and a need for unique datasets to maintain a cutting-edge. We fundamentally believe that non-financial data, coupled with financial performance indicators, yields a more informed investment decision, while aligning the interests of today’s stakeholders.

At what stage in the investment process does Madeira Global work with clients?

We typically work at both the pre-investment and post-investment stages of the investment cycle. Our process begins with pre-investment diligence of the qualitative aspects of the asset (often alongside our clients’ own diligence team) and is followed by in-depth ESG assessments and ongoing ESG reporting thereafter.

Why should you consider working with Madeira Global?

Madeira Global’s founders, its team and its mission have been tied to the value cycle of its client’s operations, the markets in which their assets compete and the ecosystem in which they strive to excel since its inception. Our success has been built on the success of our clients’ performance and the long-term value they generate for their investors. Today, with a database of several billion dollars in reported assets across 7 asset classes, we are grateful for the trust they have placed in our partnership. Our goal is to persistently learn, improve and deliver the highest quality service for their benefit and that of their stakeholders.

Economic growth is only sustainable within the boundaries of environmental, social and governance norms, and how they will be governed tomorrow.

We need to measure what matters today in order to achieve a sustainable and prosperous future. As an early entrant to the field of ESG measurement and reporting, Madeira Global's experience and seamless integration makes us both highly qualified and well-positioned to meet this critical need.

What's the macro goal that motivates and inspires us every day?

Non-financial data is the context in which the bottomline exists. In a world of ever increasing access to information, being able to extract, analyze and synthesize the most relevant non-financial datapoints is not a luxury, it is a competitive advantage. While many continue to debate the validity of ESG-oriented strategies, we are fortunate enough to work with early adopters that capitalize on our contributions. We see a world in which capital flows are directed not simply on the basis of financial projections, but deeply rooted in a more comprehensive approach to investing. If risk is the permanent loss of capital, than material ESG data is the ultimate risk mitigator, and we remain in relentless pursuit of perfecting our craft.

Why did you start Madeira Global?

We had a vision for putting invaluable information into the hands of asset managers in a way that would ultimately set a new global standard for responsible and sustainable overall performance. When we started, we were willing to put more resources behind ESG research and services than the top 3 global banks combined, as a wave of risk aversion swept the financial sector post-crisis. This provided Madeira Global with both a head start as well as the freedom and agility to create a culture of taking risks, failing fast and continuously improving. Where we stand today is a product of the context in which we were established, and every client engagement has been both a co-creator and a beneficiary of our development.

“If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late”. – Reid Hoffman

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