We believe non-financial data provides valuable insight into a company's operations and bottomline.

When we set out to build Madeira in 2012, we found that most asset managers and allocators struggled to accurately measure non-financial performance and fell short of meeting investors' demand for transparency and value-based products. We saw a need for objective, independent reporting and a technology-enhanced ESG analytics system that was industry-, geography- and growth-stage agnostic. 

We knew it would take a thoughtful and intelligent approach to data integration (and a brilliant team of analysts and data scientists) to ignite a change in the way investment decisions are made and capital is deployed. We knew that if we were successful, we would have a measureable, positive impact on our world and our future. 

That's why our core focus has been to deliver unique datasets and invaluable decision-making tools to our clients, ranging from private funds, holding companies, family offices and institutional investors.

That's why we founded Madeira Global.



We are always looking for qualified candidates to join our team

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